product design



Creative Lead // Cassia Brooks

UX Lead // Jeff Yoches

MusicPal is an app that leverages a revolutionary optical recognition technology (OMR) that transforms standard sheet music into an interactive score, allowing you to quite literally hear what you see.


See it. Hear it.

Our client, MuseAmi, came to us with groundbreaking technology — the ability to scan sheet music and have your device play it back to you. It was an exciting opportunity to develop an app that would leverage this technology as it was the first of its kind. We were responsible for the UX, UI design, branding, and marketing of the app from the ground up.

Working directly with the clients and closely with our Director of UX, I acted as the Creative Lead and collaborated on the user experience, lead the design and branded the app.




We worked with MuseAmi's product team through the discovery phase to nail down the audience segment we should target. We then moved into sketching/ideation and user flows. I also focused on doing a deep dive on OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) apps to see how others were capturing data as well as what kind of branding they had. We then moved into the wireframing phase which I was responsible for. Shortly after I developed the UI design language. 



We wanted to make the technical process of taking a precise photo of sheet music correctly to seem magical. If the user didn't take the photo in the exactly right way (not warped, paper flat, in good lighting) then the OMR technology wouldn't work correctly. We spent a lot of time on the camera tutorial as well as error states. I paid particular attention to the uploading process. We had a chance to use the time necessary for OMR rendering to use animation and design to create a more whimsical experience. 



Unfortunately, in the middle of this project, MuseAmi lost funding and pulled MusicPal from production. It was an amazing opportunity to work on a project with technology no one had and I hope they will be able to release this app to users one day.